Blammo is a clandestine urban warrior who has utilized the final years of his training to protect the weak from the shadows. It also means to shit your pants while trying to fart. It's true, urban dic it.


Blammo (not his real name) knows next to nothing about where he came from or who his biological family was, only the small amount of information his adopted father and martial arts master, Etrigar, was able to tell him. When Blammo became old enough to realize that Etrigar, a dragonborn, could not be his real father he asked his new father what happened to the old one.

Etrigar refused to share many details of Blammo’s original upbringing, but he did disclose some. Etrigar admitted that he was formerly a member of the Wyrmbreaker Knights, an elite combative order that was responsible for the taking of magical children and the slaughter of their families. In an act of rebellion, Etrigar attempted to fight off the Wyrmbreakers who were assaulting Blammo’s family. This fight almost claimed Etrigar’s life and he was not strong enough to prevent the adbuction of his sister, although he was able to take Blammo before any harm came to him.

Etrigar was a good father and master to Blammo and taught him the way of the Dragon’s Fist, a style of martial art he himself invented. He taught him the importance of fighting for the men, women, and children who were not able to fight for themselves, like his family. Blammo learned quickly, and became a powerful force for good.

Blammo grew older and stronger; the final years of his training were at hand. His final task before becoming a master himself, was to venture out into the world and protect the weak and learn what it is to use destructive power for good. Blammo soon found his way into Khal, and after seeing the violence and corruption of the largest city in Illycera, decided to make that his new residence. Blammo became something of an urban myth, a rumor of a shadow that lurks the streets of Khal.

Some years pass, and Blammo keeps in regular contact with his master. However, contact inexplicably drops. After a few months with no message, Blammo heads back to his master’s hovel in the woods only to find it burned to the ground. Blammo found no sign of his master. After a few days of teary eyed 80’s soft metal montage Katas, Blammo retreated back to Khal with open eyes and ears in hopes of hearing any clues as to his father’s murderers.

Hearing that the battle that would determine the fate of the war was at hand, Blammo heads to the battlefield to help however he can, ensure that the war that has raged for generations finally comes to a close, and the honest law enforcers of Khal return home.


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