Kayah of the Clouds

A Deva Avenger whose lives-long quest for wisdom and understanding is sidelined only by her fervor for Bahamut.


Though her current body is 45 years old, Kayah has been alive since the dawn of time and lived with the gods in heaven. Since descending to Earth, she has not seen another Deva and lives a fairly lonely existence. At first, she was more apt to fight for Bahamut, but as her years on Earth went on, she realized violence only leads to more violence. She has become a spiritual, enlightened advisor of those who share space with her on Earth. She meditates often and would rather solve problems with diplomacy than violence. Ideally, she would not be involved with the squabbles of men, but when Balta called on her to fight for Bahamut, she could not decline due to her love for Balta and due to the scale of this war. Kayah recognizes that the scale of this war is too large for her to ignore.

One note of importance is that Kayah is religiously tolerant. She will never betray the ways of Bahamut, but she acknowledges that every person is different, so people are bound to worship different gods. She also knows that Bahamut and Tiamet are two sides of the same coin and cannot exist without the other. She is waiting for an opportunity to reconcile the two opposing sides and wishes to spread the knowledge that balance, not defeat, is the answer to this war.

Kayah has also had a memory wipe concerning Raddeus. They were once close, but he lost his memory of her once he gained his psychic powers, so Bahamut, in his benevolence, wiped her memory of him. Kayah is also close with Balta, the high priestess of Bahamut. They have a mother-daughter type bond and Kayah trusts her completely. Kayah has had friends and allies before, but they have been sparsely spread out over her thousands of years lifespan.

Kayah of the Clouds

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