High Templar Ordon Bloodmoon

The master of the Wyrmbreaker Knights and chosen of Bane.


Male, Dragonborn

Ordon is the master of the Wyrmbreaker Nights.

He is tall and heavily muscled. He has a noble, if somewhat sinister, countenance and carries himself with an unearthly amount of confidence. One can almost feel his charisma and it’s easy to see why he can inspire others the way he does. Ordon is an albino. His scales are stark white and his eyes blood red. He wears black plate armor that is bedecked in the trophies of his many campaigns. He bears the blade of the Bloodmoon clan, Whiteflame, and his heavy steel shield is decorated with the symbol of the Wyrmbreaker knights.

The players meet him at the Battle of The Temple of Tiamet and find out he has been hired to end the war.

High Templar Ordon Bloodmoon

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