Raddeus Magnus



Raddeus has large, defined muscles, and judging from their look, one would find his speed and flexibility surprising. He has a glorious mane of golden hair as well as a large beard defined by a long, braided mustache.


Legionnaire Elrik Magnus, Breaker of Stallions, married a woman with golden hair whose dumpy dwarven beauty was spoken of across’t the land. Theirs was a radical love, as they were oft’ seen jumping horses and chariots over hazardous obstacles of their own sick design. Though their love was unfathomably dope, it was ultimately short lived. The beauty Radina died tragically in childbirth delivering a seventeen pound baby. Elrik named the boy Raddeus in honor of his lost love and vowed to the boy that he would live all the adventure and glory his mother could not.

The boy grew into his mothers glorious golden hair, her insightful wisdom, and his father’s thirst for adventure and glory.

Elrik some years thereafter remarried a noble’s daughter who was considerably plainer, but whose wider pelvic frame was able to bear him a second, dark-haired son, Varric. The boys Raddeus and Varric grew up together and learned the art of combat from their father. It is said Elrik displayed an unspoken favoritism for the child that took after his first love, a favoritism that breaks his second wife’s heart, and earns him the scorn of his second-born son.

Raddeus enlisted in the Bahamutan army as soon as he was of age, and quickly rose through the ranks. He was personally very close with the Deva Kayah of the Clouds, a Bahamutan servant and hero. It was said he would one day command the entire Bahamutan Army to victory against the forces of Tiamet, until one day that rocked his fucking world off its hinges.

Commanded to slaughter a convoy of Tiametan refugees in the hopes of targeting a lone fugitive, Raddeus refused to follow orders and abandoned his post. He was disgraced, his rank and stature forfeit. Varric used this opportunity to seize power by ruthlessly carrying out the orders his older brother shirked. It wasn’t long before Raddeus was discharged, and Varric commanded the Bahamutan army.

For Raddeus’s noble actions at great personal cost, the god Bahamut awarded him with radical psionic powers. The unlocking of psionic energy within Raddeus’s body and mind somehow caused him to wipe clean any memory of his relationship and history with Kayah. To spare Kayah the pain of loosing her relationship with Raddeus, Bahamut wiped her memory as well.

Raddeus went into seclusion in the mountains, living in caves. He passed the time by training his body and mind to ultimate radical perfection, in a fruitless endeavor to fill the void in his spirit. Having received a mysterious summons that informed him of one, final Bahamutan assault on the Temple of Tiamet to end the war, Raddeus Magnus emerged from his Hermit existence to meet glory on the battlefield once more…

Dwarven is showing as misspelled and the fist recommended alternate spelling is “ovenware.”

Raddeus Magnus

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