The leader of the Telathin.


Female, Razorclaw Shifter

Tormy is beautiful. Instead of the feline features of race detracting from her looks, they enhance her beauty. She is a bardess and, like all Telathin, has a bizarre collection of magic items. She also has stunning violet eyes.

Tormy is a creature of hope. Since becoming the leader of the Telathin, she has tried to make the group into a force for good in the world. She seems to run Haven fast and loose, but she can call upon a more sinister nature if need be. It’s clear she would do anything to protect what she’s built.

The players are healed by her and the Telathin after the Massacre at the Temple of Tiamet. She is willing to help them as they have similar goals of ending the war.


Illycera Costontine