The Wyrmbreaker Knights

The Wyrmbreaker Knights are religious order dedicated to the evil god of war and conquest, Bane. In his name, they practice the art of warfare and sell their abilities. They are known as the greatest sellswords in all of Illycera; they have a reputation of being honorable yet merciless. They have always kept their numbers small, competition for Bane’s approval doesn’t allow them to keep large numbers.

They constantly seek to prove their worth in combat. In the time of dragons, a Wyrmbreaker who wanted to become a full brother (known as a Templar) in the order had to hunt and kill a dragon on his own.

Before the start of Illyceran Civil War, the Wyrmbreakers disappeared. It’s said that a change in leadership caused the order to go through extreme changes.

They are now under the leadership of High Templar Ordon Bloodmoon. He has accepted a contract to end the war for the Bahamutan government. Also, it seems he has swelled the ranks of the Wyrmbreaker Knights far beyond what they’ve had in the past.

Other Members:
Templar Halkar- Massive half-orc. Powerful and cruel.
Templar Sartarna- Lithe elf woman. She’s quick, silent, and deadly.

The Wyrmbreaker Knights

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