First game 1/20/13

Our story begins at a time of a raging war between followers of Bshamut and Tiamet. Our heroes fight for the god of goodness, Bahamut. At the Bahamutian camp outside the Temple of Tiamet, fighters have gathered for what is believed to be the final, decisive battle of the war. Varric, the general, tells Kayah to put together a team to stealthily enter a side entrance of the temple so that the gates can be opened from the inside to allow the rest of he army in.

Meanwhile, the Wormbreakers have arrived. Alayna enters their camp under false pretense to attempt to persuade their captain, Ordon Bloodmoon, to allow her to join the sellsword group. Blammo and Kuendescha have stealthily overheard this. After Alayna is denied, Kuendescha follows an elf who mysteriously appeared in front of Ordon’s tent. The elf noticed, held a dagger to k’s throat and somehow k got out of it alive, but without any useful information.

Back at the Bahamut camp, Kayah recruits Blammo, Alayna, Raddeus, and Kuendescha to join her mission. The next morning, the team entered the temple as planned. The Wormbreakers were inside, as was also planned, but instead of opening the gate for the rest of the army to come in, they went into a secret passage. Our heroes followed and watched from afar as Ordon forced the high priestess of Tiamet to show him another secret passage, which lead to a chamber with a giant mosaic of a dragon. Ordon found a scroll there, screaming “this isn’t it!” And ordered his Elf woman to bring the dragon to life after his Orc killed the high priestess.

Ordon leaves his men to die as he and his elf leave the chamber in safety. Our heroes were left to fight the ones left behind and skeletons that were raised. When the dragon rose, they were knocked out.

We awoke in Haven, where we learned that all survivors were killed by the dragon and by the Wormbreakers and now there is a huge mass of Tiametians gathered at their temple’s ruins. We went to stealthily discover what the purpose of their meeting was after sending a hawk warning Balta of Ordon’s treacherous nature. At the meeting, a new high priestess rose and called her people to battle. Kuendescha approached her and she called in k’s debt. She now has a mission to go to the wastes to recruit soldiers for the Tiametians army.

We went back to Haven and decided our next step will be going to the salt lands to gain the help of the pirates there with entry into the now cut-off city of Kahl. A long term goal is to protect Balta and to expose or kill Ordon.

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