High Institute of Magic

The High Institute of Magic is the most prominent and respected school of the arcane in all of Illycera. It caters to the wealthy aristocracy who dream of having famous children. The tuition is incredibly expensive, but they will occasionally give scholarships to particularly brilliant children. HIM has a long and rich history of producing famous and powerful wizards, it also has a history of churning out hum drum, run of the mill wizards with parents who used to be wealthy.

There are three schools, the School of Wizardry, the School of Artifice, and the School of Dueling. The last is the newest school, it focuses on the swordmage’s art.

They look down on the magic of sorcerers and bards. They consider sorcery to be pure luck and bards to be practitioners of elf magic. These prejudices are often hammered into the young students.

The school has recently started to expand into other ancient forms of magic: the religious and primal arts. To this end, they’ve hired on two new Masters to form the curriculum for these new studies.

High Institute of Magic

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