Raziel's Glen

Raziel’s Glen is home to the last of the Eladrin in all of Alfarheim. It is named for it’s first ruler, Raziel, the King in Grey. Raziel made a pact with the humans when they landed their boats in Illycera swearing that he would never make war on them and their children provided the Glen remained in the bosom of nature under the protection of the Eladrin and their children.

Before the Civil War, the elves, a younger race that grew from the Eladrin, left for the west, to see what lay at the other side of Aridia. They left their Eladrin elders, who refused to abandon the Glen. The Eladrin are dying out now. They’re slow fade has caused a muted panic among the high elves. They know that, for the survival of their race, they have to return to their ancestral home, the Feywild, within a generation.

At the outbreak of the Civil War, the Grey Council closed the boarders of Raziel’s Glen to all who would bring trouble to the Eladrin. They refuses to let his Glen be caught up in the squabbles of lesser races.

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Raziel's Glen

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