The Temple of Tiamet

Located in the desert of Aridia, the Temple of Tiamet is the high holy ground of the goddess of vengeance and avarice. It’s said that there’s a hidden chamber within that is of special significance. Before the Civil War, it was hidden from the Bahamutans, but after the Tiametians broke off, the temple’s location became public knowledge.

At the start of the campaign, the Bahamutans were launching an assault on the Temple with the players participating. When they entered, they found their way to the secret burial chamber of Tiamet’s favored, including her one time consort.

The Temple was destroyed by Rotwing and Vinalia’s necromantic magics. This was only the beginning however, as the fleeing armies where then slaughtered in the desert by Halkar and the Wyrmbreaker Knights he was leading. The players somehow survived this.

Later, the player’s witnessed Gala, the new high priestess of Tiamet, swear vengeance on the Bahamutans for the destruction of their temple.

The Temple of Tiamet

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